I was very into bicycles when I was a kid so I naturally gravitated toward motorcycles. I had always wanted a Harley Davidson from the first time I saw one when I was a kid. When it was time to get one I was deferred (they did not perform well in the 1970’s and broke down a lot) from getting a Harley and got a Yamaha 250cc semi street/dirt bike. I road this everywhere, I usually would find a lake and then go down every access road around the entire lake.

I did this in all the lakes in the Southern Illinois area (crab Orchard, Devils Kitchen, Little Grassy, etc.). some of these lakes took me several weeks to accomplish due to the length of the access roads and how far away they were.

Later I looked at Harleys Again but this time the reason for not wanting one was because they were still in the dark ages in regards to instrumentation and electronic modern day features. So I got a Yamaha 650s instead. I rode this bike everywhere as well and turned its speedometer over back to 0. I then looked at Harleys again and this time the same reason as before and got a Red Yamaha XS1100. I rode this bike all over the desert and several National Parks. It was at this time I made a quest to drive my motorcycle to every National Park in the US mainland. Some areas were more of a favorite than others but I did the Grand Circle Tour (All the National Parks in Colorado, Arizona, Utah) 12 times on the XS1100. I will make another page for some of the tours I discovered on my own. I did a lot of mountain riding in the XS1100 and have been rained on, snowed on hailed on (which ended up to 1 foot when it was finally done), hit by a smarm of wasps that went down the front of my jacket, and have been hit by a sparrow that got stuck in my right shoulder. I managed to turn the speedometer back to 0 on this one so I put in just under 200,000 miles on my 3 motorcycles. The XS-1100 didn’t have any room to put anything which made long trips difficult. I decided my next bike would be a bagger, but two new kids made me decide to wait until they were in high school and I had to take a break from riding.

It was time for a new bike again and I again first looked at Harley Davidson, and finally after my long wait of over 30 years I found them ready for me. I got a Red Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra due to not being able to lift heavy weights any more from a spine/neck injury so I felt a trike would be better.