Martial Arts

Master David Theroff

He created the worlds first online Martial Arts Focused BBS, before the internet as its known today and hosted a server where martial artists in the USA, Japan and Europe could communicate. The BBS was first known as “Warrior Net”, until it needed to be changed because of a hostile takeover attempt by one of Master David’s Students who turned to the dark side. The name was then changed to “The Martial Arts Network” and Master David operated it until giving it up to others where it is still one of the largest networks for martial arts.

Master David started his training in Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing I Chuan and then went on to harder Kung Fu styles.

He was one of three USA Instructors invited to China to give martial arts demonstrations in 1989. This was the first time in Chinese history that any westerner had ever been invited to China to perform martial arts as a guest of the Chinese Government and the Hunan Martial Arts Association, and some of the cities he performed in were closed to westerners for over 200 years. Master David’s demonstrations consisted of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan,Chen style Tai Chi Chien (Tai Chi double edge sword) Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing I Chuan, Qi Gong, and Tiger Hooked Swords. He has given martial arts demonstrations at the Chen Family Tai Chi Village, Hunan province of China, the Songshan Shao-lin Temple, the National Chi Kung Institute, the southern Shao-lin Temple on Putian mountain, Bejing, Hua Mountain (among several other Chinese cities), Lhasha Tibet, Bandung Indonsisa, Singapore, as well as Hong Kong; besides many others. He has been to China several times.

Master David has taught thousands of students Kung Fu in the Colorado, Illinois and California areas and has trained three of his students to Master level.

He earned a 6th Degree Black Belt Master from one School, and a 7th Degree Black/Red Sash Senior Master from another.   He has trained in White Dragon, Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Sun Tai Chi Chuan, Wu Tai Chi Chuan, Dragon Tai Chi Chuan, Wu Gong Tai Chi Chuan, Le Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang (8 Animal, Jung Chiao, Snake, Gao, Sun, Wooden Man Roads), Hsing I Chuan (Five Elements, Canon Fist, 12 Animals, 8 Words Fist, 2 Person Sets), Hua Fist, Hua Flower Fist, Black Tiger, 8 Drunken Immortals, Drunken god, Hung Gar, White Crane, Monkey, Eagle Claw, Hua To Qi Kung, Soaring Crane Qi Gong, Five Elements Qi Gong, Five Animal Qi Gong, Hua To Qi Gong, Yin/Yang Qi Gong,  Northern and Southern Shao-lin, Chin Na, Tiger/Crane, Praying Mantis, Buddha Fist, Chi Ma, Dim Mak (Death Touch), Iron Shin and Bone Training and Iron Shirt.

He has had extensive training in Single & Double Broadsword, Single & Double Straight Sword, Double Tiger Hook Swords, Double Handed Sword, Butterfly Knives, 2 & 3 Section Staff, Single & Double Headed Spear, Monks Spade, Wooden Bench, 9 Sectional Steel Chain Whip, Rope Dart, Meteor Hammer, Single & Double Daggers, Single & Double Short Sticks, Double Cha, Kwan Tao, 9 Rings Long Handled Broadsword, Chop Sticks, Judge Pens, Double Claw Stick, etc.

He had full time schools in Boulder Colorado, California and Illinois. He Co-Founded Chuan Wu Kung Fu with three other Masters and has helped several other instructors setup new schools/systems.

He studied with 12 Masters of Various Chinese Martial & Healing Arts and trained/taught full time (80-100 hours per week) for 27 years.